Working with Stamen

PolicyViz Podcast


A Little Tool Goes a Long Way

A tool to compare the real size of countries

Which is bigger - Africa or North America?

A tool to compare the real size of countries

Learning from the Past

Data viz with graph paper or tracing paper

Zooming with D3

Exploring various properties of Zooming with D3

Exploring Voronoi

Relating Voronoi diagrams, Delaunay triangulations, and circles

Delaunay Triangulation & Comparing Distances

Follow up on D3 meetup presentation

Math to D3

presenting at the Bay Area D3 meetup

Same Pixels, Different Picture

final SFPC project

Missing Data

sometimes mistakes look pretty

Last Couple of Days

how time flies!

Hash Fragments in the URL

A reward for good state management

GitHub Pages Trick

Super useful trick for pushing to ghpages branch when you update master

Algorithms Continued

Notes on Coursera's Algorithms Course

Teaching Data Viz to Second Graders

Materials to introduce second graders to data visualization

Quiet Day Reading List

A few articles and videos on a quiet day

City selection with a small map

Using a map rather than drop-down menu to select cities

Small Map of Continental US

Get map data from US government, transform with topojson, view with D3

Setting Up a Jekyll Blog

Quick how-to guide for setting up a blog using Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Queue with D3

Using Queue for reading in data files is straightforward

New Year, New Blog

Welcome to 2015!